Our purpose and inspiration

“Our purpose is to offer our customers stylish and functional lifestyle gear that can be worn and enjoyed day in, day out.“

We aim to select and produce clothes and accessories that are durable and timeless. We draw inspiration from our lifestyles and from the things we love. We love the outdoors, but also the urban pulse and alternative cultures. We love to spend time with our friends, and enjoy the simple small things. We find joy in fashion, skateboarding, and music. We get enthusiastic about well-crafted products and details whether it’s about clothes, coffee, or even beard equipment.


Why all that matters

 “Offering durable, quality products is our way to contribute to the environment and people’s lives.”

 Durability and sustainability are important values for us, which is the basis for our ideology. Offering durable, quality products is our way to contribute to the environment and people’s lives. Durable goods equal less waste in the world. This approach can be seen for example in our Sinne Store products. Sinne Store products are made on sustainable Pure Waste garments. Pure Waste materials are made of left over materials from textile industry, making the products at the same time more sustainable and environmentally but also of high quality and style.


People behind the philosophy

Paulus and Maija, aka the Shopkeeper and his wife, are the heart and soul of Sinne Store. Paulus founded the store back in 2005 with an idea to drive skate and snowboard culture in Finland. Quite quickly, store’s selection grew to cover a wider range of lifestyle gear quite quickly, and currently serves anyone keen on stylish and quality lifestyle gear. Paulus is a former semi-pro snowboarder and Maija on her part has a background in clothing design. The shop is a representation of their taste and values.